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Nice relaxing day

Such a relaxing day today. Stayed home all day, this morning just did 2 machines of washing and put away all the clothes in the buckets on the floor lol. After that just sat in our home cinema and watched journey to the centre of the earth and then had pizza and noodles for lunch and them watched the change up it was so funny and I recommend everyone to watch it. Then just did some work on my new website and listed a product on fb shop the name necklace.


Athletics carnival


Today this morning while checking emails I see a spark and all of a sudden my laptop charge wires broke… Great! This isn’t the first time… It’s actually the 4th time. So I shut down my laptop to keep any remaining battery for when I need files urgently while I wait for my new charger from eBay which takes a couple of weeks 😦
Anyway, just read some social media articles and went to my sons school athletics carnival (the pic above) it was so hot and I didn’t want to end up burning my face with my sunglasses marks like last time. Anyway looking into technology I spoke to my husband about how scary things are getting and how close the end of days are coming as we are all dependent on technology and becoming a cashless society. After the athletics carnival we went to get some ice coffee from coffee club and decided to pick up the boys now, but wanted to check bunnings for canvas pliers.
Ok so we got the boys from daycare and decided to go to the star city buffet, the food there is great and there is alot of variety, we were there early (about 5) so it wasn’t as packed. We all ate and were quite full while the boys also took turns going to the toilet. As soon as we got home the boys and Isabella had a bath and then went to play ps3 while Isabella was screaming and getting all mad about something. I finally managed to put her to sleep by rocking her and just held her while watching the boys play ps3 and Ethan building things with his toys 🙂 might head to bed in a little while as I’m quite sleepy lol.

What a rushed day!

What a day… I feel so run down. This morning I planned to get all the bathrooms cleaned but my little girl who is 3 months old and so alert wanted to come with my husband to drop her brothers to school. She actually whinged as they walked out the door lol so I decided to come along. After dropping the boys off we went to get the mail which we hadn’t checked in 4 days, the aust post lady (always trying to be annoying) asked me “how long haven’t you picked up your mail, there is so much”. Anyway went through the mail and stooped over to the banks to pay for our overseas tickets for my sister in law’s wedding. Finally got home after having pad Thai for lunch at doonside doi tung (near our old place in Jennifer ave blacktown). Then I checked all my emails and said hi to the online staff and cleaned all 3 bathrooms in a rush so I could fit in a shower before picking up my son from school…. I then get a yahoo message fro my cousin asking How i am and if i was busy (usually a sign that he needs something) i responded that i was busy and yet he still asks me to do his assignment (a little background about my cousin, he is here cause his parents “cant work”, so they think, and to stay and work and support his parents he needs to be on a student visa and study- which he has no motivation for, so he always asks me to do his assignments or fix problems that he creates in the first place) anyway I can never say no to a person in need (even if they start taking advantage) so I do his assignment in under 10 minutes and send it back to him; I can assure you this won’t be the last…. Can’t believe how fast the time goes. After getting my oldest son Connell from school we then bought him some maccas while waiting in the car for the time to come where swimming school starts. In the car I mapped out a new website plan (will fill you on the details soon ;)) and got my son to write down his friends names for his birthday as I totally forgot to put my number on the invites that he gave out today 😦 anyway I figured I would need to write a little note to all his friends with my contact number. Ok so just finished swimming school and stopped by in Coles for some chocolate and school snacks for Connell. Now on the way home and confused about dinner, we have decided to buy red rooster… Oh wait just decided to get nandos as I’m typing lol. Now just checking Facebook, cab you believe people these days?
Who checks Facebook and finds that all they see is bad news and complaints? We see enough of that on the news, yet here I am still reading their status’, just got a message from a friend who had her husband leave her with one daughter, my heart goes out to her. I can not believe a guy could be so selfish and just leave like that, I know there are always 2 sides to a story but that’s just crazy.
Anyway we are looking for parking to get nandos for dinner, go home, eat dinner and bath Ethan and do a little work and bed time. Thursday night shopping causes no parking here…..

My first blog

Hi and welcome to my blog daily mum. I have started my own blog to share my journey and my days with you.
Today being my first day, I thought I would share a basic snipit of what I have done today. After 3 loads of washing I had to do a little bit of work (which involves chatting on skype to my staff that work from home overseas) then checking emails, I then went downstairs to start on my ham and pea soup after reading it takes 2.5 hours to cook!!! What a mistake. I also didn’t have brown onions or celery so I improvised and put red onions and carrots to replace the celery. I then went outside to cook the mince for the lasagna (I cook outside to avoid cleaning the whole stove) after that I saw that outside was so dirty as I haven’t been in the backyard for ages, so I decided to water down and clean it. When I went back in it was already time to leave to get my son from school. So I got changed and rushed out the door switched off the jam snd pea soup on the stove (guess i’ll continue it later) and got my son a little late (nothing new I guess) after getting my son we went to maccas to get his party invites which was almost not possible since I left the booking number at home. Luckily the manager just gave them to me. I’m now at my sons swimming school, which I haven’t been to for months since having my little girl. After this need to get my other boys, go home, finish off my soup and lasagna and bath the kids, have dinner and do a little bit of work then off to bed… Ah… What a day!